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1879 Morgan Dollar Coin

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Morgan Dollars are the most beautiful coins America has ever minted, these Morgan Silver dollars were minted in the years 1878 to 1904 and again a 1921 Morgan dollar.

Currently, these Morgan silver dollars are the second-largest U.S. coins minted for circulation in terms of physical size with a thickness of .079 inches (2mm) and a diameter of 1.043 inches (26.5 mm).

1879 Morgan Silver Dollars Value
We love collecting coins, and we know there are so many truly Americans who are very passionate about collecting coins, especially the Morgan silver dollar coin.
We have been collecting them for years and trying to share this passion with so many people around the United States.

We have Morgan Silver Dollars in all the years from, 1878 to 1904 and the year 1921. If you have a memory with one of these years and you really love coins, you must get one of these masterpieces.

The list below is of all mint marks used on the dollar coin:

  • C: Charlotte, North Carolina (gold coins only; 1838–1861).
  • CC: Carson City, Nevada (1870–1893).
  • D: Dahlonega, Georgia (gold coins only; 1838–1861).
  • D: Denver, Colorado (1906 to date).
  • O: New Orleans, Louisiana (1838–1861; 1879–1909).
  • P: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (produced from 1793 to date, mintmark introduced in 1979).
  • S: San Francisco, California (1854 to date).
  • W: West Point, New York (1984 to date).


1879 Morgan Silver Dollars Value

Morgan Dollar Value : 

1.00 U.S. dollar
8.100 (2000–) g (0.260 troy oz)
26.5 mm (1.043 in)
2.00 mm (0.079 in)
Plain with incised inscriptions
Copper with manganese brass clad (copper 88.5%, zinc 6%, manganese 3.5%, nickel 2%)

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